Nedan kan du läsa om det internationella medlemskortet och även ansöka om ett eget kort.

Dear National Centers,


We are pleased to announce that the UNIMA 2022 membership card is now available! It can be requested individually and autonomously directly by your members. To receive it, the members of your National Center are invited to connect to the dedicated web page on the UNIMA website and fill in the corresponding form depending on whether it is a request or a renewal. That is, depending on whether you sent us a file for export last year (2021) or not. 


Discover now the dedicated web page including both forms: []  

We invite you to inform your members. But before communicating them the information, we would like to share with you the process in detail so that you are well aware of the different validation steps.


 For all membership card requests

For all requests for membership cards, your National Center will receive an email to verify the status of the member: then, you will have to validate that this person is a current member of your National Center. 


Once the member is confirmed by your Center, he/she will automatically receive in his/her mailbox his/her membership card if your National Center is up to date with its annual fee 2022. 


If your Centre is not yet up to date with its 2022 membership fee, you will receive an automatic email to correct your situation. The member will also receive an email indicating that his card will be available upon receipt of the fee from his National Center. As a reminder, the UNIMA Statutes state that National Centers must pay their dues before March 31 of each year. 

The amount of the membership fee now depends on the number of your members of the previous year (N-1 = membership 2022 depends on the number of members in 2021). 

The pending members of your Centers who have requested their card will receive it as soon as UNIMA has received the fee from your Center. They will not have to apply for their card again. 


If the member is not confirmed as a member of your National Center, he/she will automatically receive an email stating his/her situation. 



Only Centres that have benefited from an export of their member file in 2021 are concerned. The member will then be able to identify him/herself with his/her email or membership number. The process described above will start: as soon as you validate him/her as a 2022 member and if your Centre is up to date with its subscription, he/she will receive his/her updated membership card by email.

A new member of your Centre will need to complete the "New Card" form.

 First applications

For all other National Centers, members will have to request their card on the "New application" form. 


Watch your spam, it is possible that the emails generated by the site arrive from inside and also warn your members to watch their spam.

For Centers where the majority of members may not speak at least one of the three official languages of UNIMA, contact us.


Paying your 2022 membership fee 

In application of the modifications of the Statutes voted at the last UNIMA Congress, the cost of membership fees changes according to your geographical area. Ask for your invoice at the UNIMA secretariat -  

You will find here the letter of 17 December from the General Secretary and the Treasurer about the membership fees:  Courrier-membres_New-fees-system_2021-21_EN.pdf []

 You will find the level of your membership fee per member of your National Centre by following this link: Rate.table_2022-03-29.pdf []

 You will find here the voting record of the 2021 Congress:  Congress_PV_EN.pdf []


Emmanuelle Castang
UNIMA Project coordinator, General Secretary assistant


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